Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Celebrating Christmas through multimedia

Last year a friend of mine sent us a gift of a computer-based Advent calendar by Jacquie Lawson and it was an instant hit.  The kids would sit for hours, just playing with all the little activities for each day. So this year we bought another version (best $2.75 I've spent all year!), and it also has been a major highlight of our Christmas season.

Last year's version took place in London, but this year's is actually an Alpine village- - and it reminds us a lot of some the towns we vacationed in this past summer, so that's an extra special bonus!

The kids have been able to design the train that goes behind the village, design the snowflakes that fall, play games, watch squirrels collect nuts, and explore the whole village.  And I don't mind them playing with it for hours because the music that plays in the background is so lovely.  (Even the 12-year old here has been known to be captivated by some of the fun.  :)  )

I highly recommend this activity for kids!

Meanwhile, Pete has been playing his favorite Christmas tunes, which largely include the Oak Ridge Boys' album and the Bill Gaither Band.  Our kids have learned to love this music, too..... Here's a video Pete shot of the boys singing a Gaither tune this week:

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