Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

 Christmas morning was full of joy, light, celebration, wrapping paper shreds, thankfulness, cinnamon rolls -- and only minor coughs!

The kids all opened their one gift from us, and then the ones from each other and their cousins, and then we got ready to have our neighbors over for brunch.

 I forgot to take any pictures of the brunch or the train-set playing afterwards, but someone (I think Miles) snapped this one somehow:

Later, the Dreschers came over for a visit, and since Pete and I got each other a new camera for Christmas (!), we got some lessons and some practice in using it.

For dinner, we had all been invited over to Dan and Amy's house, which was a treat!
California Rolls made by Dan (Picture snapped by Pete, loving his new camera!)
The grill-master -- Looks like the beams of Heaven are upon him!
Cauliflower ready to be roasted by Amy
Strider's shot of Guinness
Boys in sweaters
Ladies in red
Big Pete and Little Pete
Enjoying baby Lincoln
More enjoying of Lincoln
Ava the ring-leader

 Then, after dinner, anticipation began to mount because a special visitation was to come....

 .... Not just any visitation... a special Christmas visitation....  but that will be explained in the next chapter.....

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