Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmastime Miscellany

This time of year brings so many out-of-the-ordinary events, that I forget to keep up with the ordinary family journal here!  So here is a quick summary of some of the things we've up to:

-- Rayna had a special date with Daddy to go see the Nutcracker!

-- The kids went Christmas caroling with some friends from church:

 -- We had some Wingate students over, and taught them the Bowl game.  :)

 -- Rayna and Colsen had a terrific time at the annual Drescher Christmas party (a.k.a "25 squealing girls, and Colsen and Branson")  (no pictures available)

-- Strider had a fantastic time at his youth group's Christmas party (no pics)

-- I had an amazing 24-hour vacation (no pics)

-- We had our first injury-related ER visit with one of the kids (can't believe we've gone 12 years!)  (No pics, and not a great memory)

-- Family times most nights involve reading "Bartholomew's Passage" Advent story, and watching our 2 little monkeys play together and hug each other.  :)

Now off to do more Christmas-y things!  (And make dinner.... and do the laundry.... The ordinary and extraordinary blend together at this time of year -- just like Majestic Savior Baby Jesus and the straw in the manger, right?)

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