Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our favorite books of the 2012 Advent season

Here are our 3 favorite new books from this past month:

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For the grown-ups:
I think I found Richard Rohr's Preparing for Christmas on sale somewhere last year, and I can't remember why I bought it.  Was it just so on-sale that I couldn't resist?  Or did someone recommend it?  No idea.  But I found it in our Christmas stuff this year and started reading it every night.  Both Pete and I ended up really loving it!  I had never read anything by Rohr (a Franciscan priest) before, but I plan to read much more;  he has some really unique and intriguing perspectives.

For the whole family:
We all enjoyed a new (to us) Advent adventure story this year:  Bartholomew's Passage.  We had read Jotham's Journey (by the same author) a few times and last year we gave Bartholomew to the Boyer family with the ulterior motive of wanting to borrow it this year!  So right at the beginning of December our families each shipped the books to each other (we sent them Jotham) and we each got to read new stories.  As the month went on and we read each night, we loved encountering some of our old favorite characters (including Jotham) in this new book.  Ytreeide is an amazing author, in my opinion, and I love how he weaves the Truth in through each chapter.

For the young set:
I don't know why we had never read it before, since we're definitely Jan Brett fans, but this year we finally encountered The Wild Christmas Reindeer.  We had some curriculum suggestions to go along with it, so school became extra-fun this month.  Each page is full of the classic Brett-ine detail that make her books so fascinating.  

Movies, music, Curious George Christmas specials, and BOOKS.... we love encountering the joy and hope of Christmas through all the media.

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