Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minnesota trip, part 2

Colsen (desiring to travel anonymously apparently), Pete and the Bains got to go around and see some of the big sights of Minneapolis/St. Paul!

Of course no trip would be complete without an excursion to the Mall of America!

 While there, Cole got to walk around with Sue,
... play games with the cousins.....                                                  ..... hang out with Lego-made Woody....

 .... and visit Soul Daddy restaurant with his own soul Daddy.
(Strider had given them strict instructions to stop by this place, since it was the winner of one of his favorite shows, "America's Next Great Restaurant.")

Then the next day they journeyed into St. Paul to go to a zoo.

 From what I've heard, some of the best attractions were the gorillas....
 .... and a polar bear...
.... who went swimming!

Sounds like a fun day.

And a very fun trip overall!  My guys had a great time!

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