Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minnesota Trip

Nephew/cousin Erik graduated from high school this past weekend (How is that possible?  The little kid dancing like crazy at our wedding is now all grown up!)  so Pete and Colsen flew out to represent our fam at the big party.  It was a big adventure for Colsen!  Three years ago Pete took Strider and Rayna for David's graduation, so it was Cole's turn this time around.  And he had a GREAT time!


Erik's party included 250 guests (!), fajitas and cake for all, (how does Sue DO it??), and a bunch of pictures of Erik.  :)
 Man, that's a lot of pictures!
 AND, can you believe it??!!  A slushie machine!! 

Both Pete and Colsen enjoyed the time to hang out with cousins, grandparents, etc...

That alone would make trip all worth it.  But, the adventures were not over!  As soon as I sort through the pictures they brought back, I'll put up more of their activities....

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