Friday, March 19, 2010

Basketball fever

I really do enjoy this week every year. And I really must be "feverish" to be willing to cancel school when no one is actually sick... for that is exactly what I did yesterday -- for the afternoon anyway.

So we were free to turn on the TV in the middle of the day and watch all kinds of random guys have their life dreams be realized or dashed on a single shot. I watched from the kitchen... Even if school stops, meals don't.

For Strider the afternoon looked pretty much like this:

(as he's enthusiastically trying to tell me something big that just happened)

or this,
as he called various people to fill them in enthusiastically on all the big happenings.

For Colsen, unpertubed by all the tv excitement, the afternoon pretty much looked like this:
(many creations in his imagination!)

And for Miles, it looked like a LOT of this:
(many destructions and/or dumping out of things).

Rayna was excited because other people were excited. Earlier in the day she was trying to ask me about something and I didn't comprehend what she was saying at first. Then she said, "You know.... those coloring sheets.... the racquets!" Ohhhhh.... the brackets!
It's funny actually -- Rayna and Colsen made their "picks" together as Strider went through each game and filled out a bracket for them --- and their entry (which has Houston, a #13 seed as their champion) is actually WINNING our family competition so far, after the first 23 games have been played!

They don't call it March Madness for nothing!

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