Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eye didn't see this coming

Four kids into portrait sessions, I have realized that Murphy's Law is in full-force when it comes to setting up an opportunity to get the perfect photo of one's child.

So, when I got ready to set up the appointment for Miles' one-year pictures, I kept my hopes dim and expectations low.... but I gave it the ol' college try.

Round 1: Have the goal of having the pictures done in time to send out with Valentine's cards.
Result: Due to Milo having an ear infection, appointment is cancelled.

Round 2: Reschedule appointment with goal of sending the photos out with another batch of cards I was readying.
Result: Due to yet another cold, appointment is cancelled.

Meanwhile, Miles is now in the peak forehead-bruising stage, as he falls into things constantly these days. Since he has no hair to cover up these unsightly brown, purple, or yellow marks, they are the prominent features on his head -- and he sports at least one about 87% of the time.

Being the veteran mom that I am, I know better than to try and hope for a bruise-free portrait day. So, I have the wily plan to simply have his picture taken in a hat or hood of some kind. Brilliant, right?

So.... Round 3: Reschedule the appointment for this week, noting how the last cold has finally faded away. As I was playing with him on Monday, I literally had the thought, "And it's ok if you fall, Little Buddy, because I'm all set with a hooded sweatshirt for you to wear."

Result: Mere hours after I have this thought, he somehow slams a chair and his face down on the floor and somehow causes blood to spurt rapidly from the corner of his eye. So, on the proposed picture day, he now has a big red thing next to his eye, and what looks like pink and purple eye-shadow.

And this cannot be covered by a hood.

Postponed again. It's a good thing he's going to be ONE for awhile-- it looks like it's going to take a large portion of that year to finally get this task accomplished.


  1. This reminds me of a picture we have of my brother and Santa. Right before we left to see Santa, he fell and hit his head on the end table. So he's sitting on Santa's lap with a HUGE bandaid across his head. Memories!

  2. We have one of Seth with a carpet burn above his eye. As we were walking into the photo studio he tripped and scraped his eye. But, it is one of my favorite pictures b/c of the story behind it.

    I say embrace the boo-boos and remember that during year 1 you never saw Miles without a scrape, bruise or mark(er) on his face/head! :-) Good luck with the pictures!!