Saturday, March 27, 2010

More words


Colsen: Remember when Jelly (a girl baby doll) used to be a big boy? Remember that?
Strider: Are you a Hindu? Cuz that's what they believe.
Colsen: No, I'm a man who paints and cleans and fixes things!

And spoken to me...

Pete: It's hard to believe the Spiesses have been married 63 years! Think about that: they've been married almost as long as we've been alive!
Amy: Ummmm.... exactly how old do you think we are?
Pete: Oh shoot! I think I was thinking we were your parents or something.
Amy: .......... (No reply could convey the consternation this gave me)


Rayna: Mom -- look! The letters are jumping!

(She apparently ran out of room on her copywork page, so the last sentence is "jumping" up and down the margin)


The only one not providing comic relief for me with his words these days is Milo.... but I think those days won't be too far away. Right now he's practicing his "More -- All done" conversation at mealtime. It basically goes, "Mmmmmaaah! Mmmmmmaah!" and then when I try to give him the food, he says, "Allll -Duh. Alllll-Duh. Mmmmmmmah!"

The translation appears to be, "I'm definitely done with THIS food. Give me something else." That's always been my kids' favorite food: something else.

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  1. Oh my gosh -- Pete is way too funny!!!!!!!!! I am laughing out loud at this latest comment!!