Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The official 1-year pictures

We finally were able to keep our portrait appointment this morning! Only a few faded bruises and one red cheek to remind us he's an active 1-year old. I went to the studio looking for a particular shot to complete my "1-year old" collection and complement the other 3 we've had taken over the years, but I ended up with these instead. Still cute, though, I think! Picture-taking is always an adventure. (The pictures aren't so grainy in real life: this is just the picture-of-a-picture problem)
Strider announced today that we should call him MILE this year. He shouldn't be MILES until he's 2.

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  1. Here's a giant AWWWWWW! with a side of ADORABLE! and a topping of TOO CUTE!!